About Us

Our Passion

We strive to offer therapy for individuals across the lifespan using customized, multi-disciplinary and systemic approaches to treating emotional issues. We recognize the uniqueness of each client and identify the best modality of therapy and processing for their goals and desires.

Our Approach

We use various approaches and choose the modality of therapy depending on the need. Among these are CBT (Cognitive Behaviorial Therapy), EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), Experiential (activity-based), and DBT (Dialectical Behaviorial Therapy).

Medication Management

We believe that treating the whole person is imperative. Therefore, we offer medication management for the added support of medication in the therapeutic process. This allows for a combined approach with the ability for the therapist and psychiatrist to communicate and provide the best outcome for the client.


What can I expect in therapy? 

A compassionate, collaborative perspective to help guide toward meeting set goals and aspirations.

How much does it cost per session?

We utilize a sliding scale fee.

What does a free phone consultation consist of?

We will discuss the presenting issues and identify the best approach to start building a healthy, supportive therapeutic relationship.